Many of these photos are mine, drawn from my collection taken in and around NSW and Victoria in the late 1970’s. For may of the others I am indebted to a lot of people who have emailed and sent me pictures from their own collections as well. I am especially grateful to Rob Lewis who made available to me the excellent B&W studies that you’ll see here. I have endeavoured to attribute the proper source to all the photos where possible. If I have missed some, then my apologies.

Damien Cook is a member of the BMW Club of Victoria.

See Damien’s pictures here.

deejay51 is a web site that I discovered that has lots of great photos from the 70’s

See the deejay51 photos of Ken here.

The Honda Broadford Bike Bonanza was held this Easter.

Here’s some of Damein Cook’s photos from HBBB 2010.

Here’s a collection of my own photographs.

See my photos here.

Miscellaneous pictures from many sources.

See odd photos here.

Some photos sourced from “Old Bike Australasia magazine.

See the OBA collection here.

Rob Lewis was the most prolific photographer during the 70’s.

Catch a small sample of his craft here.